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Complete the white areas below. Choose the Standing Order option which suites you and complete the bank details in the mandate below. Please send this whole page back to us. do not forget to sign the VAT Exemption box which entitles you to receive goods from Caring Products without paying VAT. Detach this page and send to Caring Products (UK) Ltd. FREEPOST MID 25534, Newark, NG24 4BR, or use the envelope provided.
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All Standing Order customers must sign the VAT declarion below to avoice additional charge of VAT which is applicable on orders of 200 pads / liners or more.
I declare that the items I am buying are for my personal needs only under Group 12 of the Zero Rated Schedule to the VAT Act 1994.

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Please pay HSBC, Victoria St., Nottingham NG1 2FF Sort Code 40-35-18 for the credit of Caring Products (UK) Ltd. Account Number 42602954 quoting reference _________________________
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Note: The Bank will not undertake to:
i) make any reference to Value Added Tav (VAT) or pay a stated sum plus VAT, or any other indeterminate element. ii) advise remitter's address to beneficiary. iii) advise beneficiary of inability to pay. iv) request beneficiay's banker to advise beneficiary of receipt. v) accept instructions to pay as soon after the specified date as there are funs to meet the payment, if funds nor available on the specified date.